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The Lacy Game Dog Registry™  (LGDR) is committed to maintaining and preserving this unique and historic working dog breed called the “Blue Lacy” or “Lacy” for short.  The LGDR is the only Single Breed Blue Lacy Registry with Closed Stud Books, to present date.  That being said, is also the largest and oldest pedigree data base and foundation stock for the breed.

The LGDR does have instituted and enforced breed and breeding standards, inspection forms before breeding which specify working ability, litter forms with current photos and breeder ethic code instituted to add in inspection and verification process on each dog/litter issued Registration Certificates through the LGDR stud file pedigrees.

The LGDR and its records are maintained by Marlo Ondrej, a direct descendant of the Lacy brothers who developed the breed in the mid 1800s.

This site is designed to provide information about the Blue Lacy.

If you are fortunate enough to already own a Lacy, please still take the time to browse around.

For those who are considering getting a Lacy, research as much as you can about the breed; this site is a good place to start. And please review your situation and the Lacy’s characteristics to see if this breed is a good match for you. It’s always best to make sure your lifestyle and facilities are ready for such a long-term commitment. It is not uncommon for Lacys to reach 16-20 years old, requiring training, safe housing, preventive & medical care, high-quality food, and lots of exercise and  attention and working dog breed requires.


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