Lacy News for 2011 March 26, 2011 Eastcoast Lacy Fun Day in LaGrange, GA

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I am starting to feel recovered today…¬† It was a blast..¬† Everyone knows I play hard, so yes, I am still¬†very tired.¬† I wouldn’t quiet say I worked hard, due to this is not work to me.¬† I love blood trailing and working with dogs and their handlers.¬† It is my passion, and thanks to all for letting me be a part¬†of this great weekend.

There were 13 UBT tracks laid and ran with in the weekend. 

Here are the names of Handler and dog teams that received their UBT’s this weekend in GA.¬† Congradulations to all!


Shayne Goddard – Star

Rebecca Ferrell – Lila

Mike Yates – Cody

Kathy Presley – Pearl

Ricky Sides – Camo

Justin Hembree – Tank

Andy Thomas – Zoey


Andy Thomas – Zoey

 February 26, 2011 Blood Trail Seminar at Covered Gate Ranch 

2011 Blood Trail Seminar Photo Album Link:

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Summary of Weekend:

The weather turned out with a nice morning but then warmer afternoon for the 2011 Blood Trail Seminar.  Even through the warmer afternoon, we had plenty of water and found shade when needed.  I would like to personally thank all the individuals that help make this possible.  I felt it was another great successful weekend to add to the list of so many other working dog weekends I have had the opportunity to be a part of.

We truly missed David Egger and Steve Winn this year.¬† David, couldn’t make the event as a trail guide, due to having to take a K9 team across the borders of Mexico.¬† Steve, also is usually a trail guide and his truck broke down days before the Seminar.¬† He comes down from New Mexico.

The photo album turned out great thanks to, Sandy Harrell, Ed Lipscomb, Clay Montgomery,¬† & Sean Cockrell!¬† Many didn’t make the big group photo, but we got as many in as possible.¬† Many of the helpers and then the UBT group that already headed out for trails.¬† All but Dawn and AJ were in photos throughout the slide show.¬† Sorry Dawn and AJ, looks like you dodged the cameras…

Trail guides included; Trail #1 РBen Glen, Trail #2 РMarlo Riley, Trail #3- David Shepperd (Shep) & Robert Mitcham, Trail #4 -Bryan Riley , Trail #5 Assistant РPerry Menley & Wayne Cavin.

Special Thanks to the UBT Judges that come so far away!!¬† Allen Wade – from LA, Cheri Faust & Larry Gohlke – Both from WI .¬† Thank you for taking 9 handler and dog teams on for evaluations, and all the knowledge y’all shared…. I, Marlo Riley, am also a UBT judge but ran a training trail for the actual Seminar. I did get to help lay two UBT lines on Friday and got to lay a line and judge a UBT 1 on Sunday.¬† I highly support UBT and what it offers to the tracking world.

Congrats to the dog handler teams that did well on the UBT Testing:

Passed UBT 1

Paul Coffman with Ria

Pecan Creek Ranch with Stella

Rhett Bowen with Millie

Passed UBT 2

Rhett Bowen with Millie

AJ Minns with Triton

Mara Huss with Camo

Being in South Texas we are happy to report no one ran into a rattler, even with the warmer weather.  This is always a good thing.  Thanks for everyone for watching out for those boogers..  It was great bringing the seminars back to Covered Gate Ranch.  This is where the very first one was held.  Hoped all love the facility and staff.  Thanks to Irma and Fidel for working so hard.  Thanks to Melanie & Dawn for helping with kitchen clean up and anything Irma needed.  The food was great!!!!  

For all that attended, we hope you felt we help you and your dogs go to the next level in their training..¬† That is the goal every time we get together to work dogs.¬† Thank you for coming…

PS. The evening Campfire and Socialization was a blast as well.¬† Can’t wait for next year.

Lacy News for 2010

December 4,2010 Christmas Fun Day in Bay City, TXThanks to TLGDA Members that got this event together.  Greg Crain, Lusty Crain & Cynthia Johnson.  We all had a great time.Enjoy the photo album event link:

May 22, 2010 TLGDA¬†Blue Lacy Fun Day¬†Main Page Photo Album Link: Page Slide Show Link:¬† didn’t come home until later Sunday evening.¬† Had to work today and just now getting by the computer to actual type.I also felt all worked hard and lots of fun was had by old and new friends.¬† I tried to meet all and I know I still missed a few.¬† I am very glad to read all the great responses. First person I would like to “Thank” is Fred Oglesby!¬† He saved my butt from driving 4 hours on Friday night.¬† Yep, I loaded up and left the hides in the freezer.¬† Fred knew the local Taxidermy man lived behind his shop.¬† It was about 8:00 pm, I believe, when Fred took me over.¬† The Taxidermy man dug in his freezer and pulled out two hides for us.¬† It was a life saver….”Big Hugs” and Kiss goes out to “Fred” and his “better half, Doria”.. Also, they work very hard at the front gate.¬† Dee was so happy when she got the front gate bag.¬† Y’all had everything so organized.¬† I know Trey and believe Debbie Collier also help at the gate.¬† Thank you all.
Next was Dusty and Mara Shelhamer…Great job on the Blood Trail…. I couldn’t have done it without y’all and felt you both offer so much to the section.Dee, even though you got real sick at the last minute and could not come, “Thank You” for all you got together to make this possible….Ben lots of hard work went into getting the hogs, panels, feeding, loading and unloading.¬† You, Jeff, Kevin, and John sure had lots of time and efforts invested.¬† All of y’all are awesome…..¬† Seth, Bryan, Jeff and Ben and maybe more worked hard in the pen during running time.¬† Thanks to all.
Then Ben, Tracy, Jeff, Roel “Santa Maria”, & all the assist dogs did great with the cattle section.¬† Lots of hard work and training paid off.

On the treeing section, Lusty & Greg Crain with their gang, sure added to the day.¬† Thanks for all of you also helping during the set up the night before and bring the wire and extra wire cutters.¬† Great, great jobs…

Thanks to Sandy and Jack for set up help and bringing all the agility stuff for that area.  I know the kids had fun taking the dogs in and out of the tunnel and through the hoop.

Brenda, did an outstanding job with the slide show and pictures and picture display.¬† Your Jelly is great….¬† Yes, bought some on the silent auction….¬† I do every year knowing you made it.¬† Having you there at set up was a great help..¬† You and Ladybug truly added to the day.¬† Tell your husband he was missed though.

Sandy and Cynthia, great photos…¬† Thank you both so much for actually taking over 1500 photos.¬† I know y’all selected the best shots to edit and download for Jeff to do the slide show.¬† I know he will come up with a great one again this year.

“Thank You” to everyone that donated items for the silent auction.¬† One table that was at least 15 foot long was filled and then another 8 foot table had to be added.¬† Lots of great items.¬† James, I wasn’t fast enough to win the bid for the cutting board.¬† Shelli was though.¬† I truly missed out on that.

Personal thanks to Christal Windle.  I love the Lacy necklace you made me.  I will truly treasure it..  You have a wonderful family.  It was so cool your little one spent her birthday with us.  She is a real cutie..

Shelli, Melanie and Dawn worked the front table.¬† I know that door being so loud had to drive y’all crazy hearing it all day long.¬† Thanks for enduring it, for the cause…

Sure hope all enjoyed the “Town Hall” style meeting and cooling off in the AC time.¬† Man that was alot to happen in one day.¬† Only Lacy people can pull that off.¬† You really realize it, when you go to typing it all out..

Jack and Kevin sure had the hog pen tore down quick.¬† You guys work fast….

Special thanks to David Pilgram for helping trap the coon, Wayne Lain for the De-snaking clinic, and Robby Rogers for his dog collars and hunting gear he brought down…

I could not believe all the members that show up to help at set up this year.¬† Most of all are named above, plus others and I can’t pull up in my head right now.¬† If you were not mentioned, you were still very appreciated…..¬† I know Cynthia and James got enough chicken for all.¬† Still have some of it in the refrigerator that made it home with us.

We will still take all up on their offers of help next event….¬† This can only make it better.¬† The more helping the better it can still be…

Last but not least, the Biggest Thank You, goes to all the members and guest that came to join in on the fun and working activities for the day.

If anyone is looking for a good taxidermist in the Burnet area, please try this guy.  He really helped us out this year with the hides:

Griffith Taxidermy & Processing

1751 Highway 29 West


Feb. 27, 2010 Blood Trail Seminar

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Summery of Weekend:

The weather turned out great for the 2010 Blood Trail Seminar.  We had about 80 that were accommodated including, hunters, handler and dog teams, handler only, and workers.  I would like to personally thank all the individuals that help make this possible.  I felt it was another great successful weekend to add to the list of so many other working dog weekends I have been a part of.

We truly missed Robert Mitcham this year.¬† He couldn’t make the event as a trail guide, due to being in the hospital.¬† Robert, you get well quick, we¬†need you and missed you terribly.¬†¬†Shep and Robert were going to take trail¬†#3 together, but Perry, Rod and Courtney rotated and filled in for Robert.

Trail guides included; Trail #1 РSteve Winn, Trail #2 РBryan & Marlo Riley, Trail #3- David Shepperd (Shep) + Rotated Help, Trail #4 РBen Glenn, Trail #5 Assistant РCourtney Farris

Special Thanks to the UBT Judges that come so far away!!¬† Allen Wade – from LA, Cheri Faust & Larry Gohlke – Both from WI .¬† Thank you for taking 12 handler and dog teams on for evaluations, and all the knowledge y’all shared….

Rod got some pictures of the tracking shoe demo at the campfire that the UBT judges brought with them.  Once Rod gets them to me, Jeff Pilcher or I will add them to the photo album.

Some of the Hunters and Steve Winn came in on the Wednesday evening before.  Our hunters this year included: Allen Wade (UBT Judge), Sandy Harrell, Melanie Tiemann, Brady Scarber & Paul Smith.  4 Exotic Does and 1 Hog were harvested.

For all that attended, we hope you felt we help you and your dogs go to the next level in their training..¬† That is the goal every time we get together to work dogs.¬† Thank you for coming…

PS. Thanks to Jeff Pilcher for putting the 2010 Blood Trail Photo Album together and all that took pictures….

Lacy News for 2009

May 23, 2009 TLGDA Fun Day Report

Story is coming, link above is the picture slide show of the days events

February 28, 2009 Blood Trail Seminar Report

We would like to thank all that came and participated in this event.  We have been getting several emails regarding how much everyone enjoyed and how they felt they learned in the process.  We hope all keep working their dogs and hope we helped take you and your dog to the next level.

Steve & Bryan arrived on Wednesday evening to start preparing.  Rob Lohrke also came in Wednesday evening so he would be able to start hunting Thursday morning.  Rob killed an Axis doe.  Thursday evening was when myself, Clifford Neames and all the other hunter arrived.  Sandy Harrell, Melanie Tiemann, Corina, Courtney Farris,  Rob Fuller, Sean Corckrell, & Todd Lingren were all scheduled to hunt on Friday.  Sandy, Corina, & Todd shot Axis does, Melanie & Sean took Fallow does, and  Rob  & Courtney stuck pigs.  After the hunt was over, handlers started arriving.  Many had long drives and coming the night before was the best option.

During the evening activities, guitars broke out around the camp fire and inside the lodge a Texas Hold’em game got started.¬† All the kids started their own fun and everything seemed be rolling very smooth.¬† It was great just to kick back by the camp fire and listening to Jeff Pilcher and David Egger pick.¬† Many jumped in on the singing too.¬† The weather was great.

We all woke up to cooler weather and pretty strong winds.¬† It was still time to get rolling for the day though.¬† All pitched in and helped do whatever was needed.¬† Seemed like one big team.¬† The Dutch oven cook had breakfast ready for people arriving and we started about 10:15 gathering everyone to start.¬† Everyone grouped with their trail guide to start hitting trails.¬† The young dogs started on Steve and my trails, while the dogs that had more experience started on Robert & Ben trails.¬† After each handler had completed at least two runs, we broke for lunch.¬† After lunch Steve and my trails were taken further for more of a challenge to the advanced dogs.¬† Again every handler and to run at least two more trail, before they went to the 5th and final trail.¬† The 5 th trail was 200 yards, lighter blood with 3- 90 degree turns.¬† Ben & David ran a little friendly competition with a stop watch for this trail.¬† I won’t tell the handlers names, but the 3 dogs with the top running times were held by Scout, Luna, & Dale.¬† Great Job guys!

Many were tired and started off on the road.  All who stayed, would have to help clean up the next day though.  Many decided to stay on one more night of fun anyways.   Thank you to all who worked hard and cleaned up on Sunday.  Your help was well appreciated.  Sandy Harrell, Rob Fuller, Clifford Neames, Rod & Courtney Farris all took pictures.  The picture link above, is all their pictures put together in one album.  Hit the slide show button on the album and just sit back and watch.

Again, thanks to all they came.  We all really enjoyed the fun time spent together doing what we all love.  Working dogs, hunting and spending time with good people.

 Lacy News for 2008 May 10, 2008 Blue Lacy Fun Day Report

Click on link below to veiw more photos of TLGDA event:

Photo’s taken by Sandy Harrell

Wow what a day!  There were people all the way from California and Arkansas to come and share this day with us.  The facility was just perfect for holding the cattle events.  We had two sets of bleachers 4 seats high and they were full.


A very special thanks goes to Ben Glenn, Shelly, Jim Williams (Jimbo) and Tracy Sadler (Dusty Britches) for an outstanding Cattle Demonstration.  Both Ben and Tracy were able to convey both of their special techniques in the cattle arena that was set up.  Ben and OZ (Ben’s Lacy) demonstrated how to use a Lacy on cattle which aren’t exactly dog broke and Tracy & Stryker (her Lacy) came back in and showed how to use your Lacy on cattle that are dog broke. This event, members were allowed to bring their dog into the arena and get hands on advice with some training tips.


Sandy had setup an agility course for the kids and their dogs which needless to say was really a success.  There is just something really special to watch kids work with their dogs and see the pride in their faces when their special friend makes the jump through the hoop and/or crawl through that tunnel.  Sandy is not only an outstanding teacher in Crosbyton at her school but also on the Agility Course.


Marlo’s blood trail was outstanding event in which a lot of people were able to really see what even a young pup could do.  Marlo took the time to show each owner how to help their dog succeed as they ran the blood trail.


All in all with the three areas being setup we were able to show our Lacy owners the remarkable abilities these dogs really have as they went from one event to another.¬† I have to admit I had more fun watching the amazement on people faces and hearing them say ‚Äúbut she has never seen a cow‚ÄĚ look what she did.¬† Just totally awesome!


Our gate total showed 34 vehicles came in, which gave us approximately 75 people who came to the event.


Dee Riley

TLGDA Secretary/Treasurer


February 08 Blood Trail Seminar


Click on link below to veiw photos and TLGDA talk of the event, you will have to sign in first:

Blood Trail Seminar Thread with Photos

Hope all enjoyed!  I know I enjoyed meeting and spending time with everyone and their dogs.

Hey Dead Eye Sandy, great shot on the Fallow deer!¬† Had a little hog hunting too.¬† John, Paul, and Mike stuck their first hogs. Congrats guys!¬† Clay also shot a Fallow!¬† Big thanks to David and Robert for bring the extra deer, so we didn’t tear up the others.

Thanks also to the other trail guides.¬† Jimmy, Steve, Bryan, and Melanie. To Dee for all your work and all the guys that helped during the work to lay the trails.¬† Things couldn’t have ran any smoother.
Look forward to next year already!

Marlo Riley