• A Texas Girl Talks Interview

    The Lacy Game Dog Registry was honored by Lorena Belcher, A Texas Girl Talks, for an interview to discuss how the Blue Lacys became the Texas State Dog. 

    Lorena recognizes the historical and cultural importance of the Blue Lacy as the State Dog of Texas. She sought to shed light on its origins and raise awareness about this rare and unique breed through her interview with Marlo Ondrej, LGDR Registrar and Lacy Descendent. By delving into Marlo’s personal journey and the intricate details of the breed’s recognition, Lorena aimed to provide her audience with a deeper appreciation for the Blue Lacy’s significance in Texan history and its continued relevance to the present day.

    Lorena interviewed Marlo Ondrej, LGDR Registrar and Lacy descendant to get the story! Lorena and Marlo discuss the history of the Blue Lacy. They discuss Marlo’s personal journey with the Blue Lacy breed and how it is deeply intertwined with her family’s history. Her journey to finding her family history through these remarkable dogs developed a profound appreciation for their intelligence, versatility, and loyalty. Marlo’s dedication to preserving the breed’s heritage and advocating for its recognition as the Texas State Dog is a testament to her unwavering passion and commitment. She is committed to ensuring the Blue Lacy legacy endures for generations.

    It’s a GREAT interview with AWESOME information about this rare and uniquely wonderful breed. We hope you enjoy this 29-minute podcast!

  • LGDR Registration and Litter Fees

    For the first time in a long time, the LGDR is raising fees.  We strive to keep the cost of owning and breeding Lacys to a minimum. The minimal fee increase of $5 is necessary to help pay for the cost of maintaining, upgrading, and updating the Registry. All fees will be kept as low as possible while still allowing us to continue providing quality services. We are committed to providing a fair and equitable registry for all Lacy breeders. We truly appreciate your understanding.  All LGDR forms have been updated to reflect the new fees of $20 for a Whole Litter Application and $25 for Registration/Pedigree.  We appreciate your continued support of the LGDR. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about this change. Thank you.

    The LGDR website also now has the ability for breeders to submit their Litter Applications online and also pay online.  Submitting ONLINE will increase the turn around time of receiving Puppy Certificates.  To keep LGDR Lacy owners more secure, to use these online services you will need to register on the site and get approved for access by the Lacy Registrars. This registration process is simple and only takes a few minutes. This process also provides several options for online payment.  Please contact us if you need assistance or if you have any questions via our Contact Us form or texting Anedrea at 361-402-9910.

    New Lacy Owners registering their puppies can also submit an image of the front & back of their COMPLETED Puppy Certificate to [email protected].  To pay for registration, you would then go to our website and register.  Once your account is approved, you’ll then be able to go to online forms and PAY ONLINE.  This option allows for several payment options.

    We look forward to seeing your online submissions! Thank you for your commitment to the Lacy Game Dog breed!

  • Texas Lacy Game Dog Fun Day


    Come Join Us April 27th

    This is a great introduction and training event for cattle herding, blood trailing, raccoon treeing, and hog baying.

    It’s FREE admission to come watch and learn.  If you’d like to include your dog, there’s a $20 fee for TLGDA members and $25 for non-members.

    It’s held in Lampasas, Texas at the Bar 17 Arena.  Sign-in starts at 8am.  

  • NEW Lacy Game Dog Registry Registration Numbers

    Updated LGDR Registration #

    With a new year comes a new/updated Lacy Game Dog Registration Number. The LGDR Registrars have been working to automate as much of the paperwork process as possible. With the prior registration number layout (1334-1004-YY), we were unable to use an automation feature available to us in LGDR Registry Software. Moving to an auto-generated system saves a bit of time for each puppy as well as lowers the chances of entry errors keeping the numbers consistent. The updated numbers are simple. The dog’s birth year will now be listed first then the system continues with the last number of the ‘first’ number in the prior LGDR #. This number is the original number that continues from the start of the database. The updated LGDR numbers will now look like this – 24-1335.  

    Please reach out to us via the contact page if you have any questions.

  • The Science of Deer Blood

    This is a link to a video that LGDR thought was interesting.  The video discusses how deer blood is different from human blood and especially during the rut. Deer blood has a different chemical composition than human blood. It contains a variety of proteins, enzymes, and other molecules including K1 and K2. It has been found that during the rut, deer blood has a higher volume of K1 and K2. This gives it the ability to coagulate faster at this time of year. Check out the link…. The Science of Deer Blood