Forms and Guidelines


All information and text used on any Lacy Game Dog Registry (LGDR) certificate is the property of the LACY GAME DOG REGISTRY and cannot be used or reproduced by any person or company without the prior written consent of the LACY GAME DOG REGISTRY. Any unauthorized reproduction of pedigree information is subject to legal action and protected by Federal, State and local law. Any concerns regarding reproduction legality should be directed to the LACY GAME DOG REGISTRY Registrar. You can use the Contact Form. Please comment on certificate’s legality in the comment section. Or call us at (210) 681-1301

Downloadable Forms and Guidelines:

Breeder Code of Ethics: View Printable Document

Litter Registration Form: View Printable Document

LGDR Breed Standard: View Printable Document

LGDR Inspection Form – View Printable Document