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$16.50 + Shipping – 1/2 Camo Summer Cap (Front View)cloth sport mesh, not wicker look. Structured. Slide Buckle Back. USA Flag Tag.

1/2 Camo Summer Cap (Side view)

$16.50 + Shipping – 1/2 Camo Cap (Front View)Structured. Slide Buckle Back. USA Flag Tag.

$15.50 + Shipping – Khaki & Denim Look. Structured Crown and Velcro Back.

Lacy Acre Products

$25.00 + Shipping – Lacy Acres Hemp Biscuits for Dogs.Full Spectrum Hemp Biscuits for Dogs (200mg) | Lacy Acres 

33% Discount Code: LGDR

Gracie the Blue Lacy

$20.00 – includes shipping 

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To order a book, send request to [email protected] Put your name, address and how you want to pay Venmo or Paypal. For Venmo send to 512-755-9191. Thank you -Lily Garst