In many states, you need a United Blood Tracker certified dog to track wounded game. As Lacys thrive as hunting companions and are amazing trackers by nature, the LGDR and the United Blood Trackers Organization (UBT) work hand-in-hand. They are brought together by their love for dogs and mission to find wounded animals for hunters. As a result, many owners of Lacys are choosing to pursue UBT certification for their dogs in order to take advantage of their natural tracking ability.

The UBT and LGDR are dedicated to promoting ethical recovery of big game through trained tracking dogs. They achieve this by organizing blood tracking workshops. The LGDR and UBT are committed to ensuring big game is responsibly retrieved with properly trained tracking dogs. Through their blood tracking workshops, they will assist handlers and increase public awareness of how tracking dogs can minimize game loss.

Here are some pictures of Lacys in UBT workshops and some happy UBT certified pups and owners!