2009-06-01 Read before buying a Blue Lacy Puppy?
Avoid being mislead.
Alerts Read before buying a Blue Lacy Puppy?
The Lacy Game Dog Registry™ (LGDR) will not be able to recommend Blue Lacy pups that have not been submitted for litter registration. Until litter pictures, parentage and registration forms are submitted and reviewed by the LGDR, we have to advise against a purchase of stated “pure” Blue Lacy pups without proper paperwork.  In the event that, LGDR Litter Forms are not submitted on a litter, the pups will not be eligible for registration. This could affect individuals that plan on breeding their Blue Lacy in the future.

The LGDR is the “Official Single Breed Registry” for the “Blue Lacy Breed”.


The LGDR works in alliance with the Texas Lacy Game Dog Association (TLGDA). All breeders listed on the TLGDA website, www.lacydog.com , will submit all litters for registration to the LGDR and have signed breeder ethic codes on file with the TLGDA and the LGDR.

 Due to documentation on file, the TLGDA is the only Blue Lacy association the LGDR recognizes and supports.

If you have any further questions and/or feel you might be being mislead regarding a Blue Lacy puppy, feel free to contact the LGDR registrar @ 210-288-0553.

If a breeder does not provided LGDR Puppy Certificates with a purchase of a Blue Lacy puppy, the PRICE should be REDUCED and reflect as a non-registered and/or non- verified prodigy. If any other paper work is promised, other than LGDR certificates, it will be self-made with gathered lineage information, and not verified by the “Stud Files” of the LGDR.