The Texas Lacy Game Dog Association (TLGDA) is an affiliate Breed Club that works in unison with the Lacy Game Dog Registry (LGDR) to achieve the goal of preserving the Blue Lacy breed. The TLGDA is committed to educating both Lacy owners and those wanting to own Lacys about the breed’s characteristics. The TLGDA is led by a highly qualified board of directors who generously give their time to the Association. The TLGDA strives to ensure the Lacy breed is maintained in its original form, protecting its natural abilities, and preserving its historical significance. The TLGDA provides resources to Lacy owners and potential owners, as well as hosting events and competitions throughout the year.

As a community, TLGDA offers Lacy owners and others a place to share their interest in the breed. Members pay a small yearly fee and receive newsletters, access to an online forum, and invitations to sponsored events. Most importantly, create friendships with those that share their love of Lacys! Through the TLGDA, members can access resources and advice from experienced Lacy owners. The TLGDA is a great way for new Lacy owners to learn about the breed and for experienced owners to stay connected. The TLGDA is an invaluable resource for the Lacy community.

Current TLGDA Board Members