The Lacy Game Dog Registry is the “Official Single Breed Registry” for the “Blue Lacy Breed”.

Take time to verify authenticity of breed before you purchase a Pup from a breeder claiming to raise Blue Lacy Dogs. You can do this by contacting the LGDR registrar via our contact page or calling 210-288-0553. There are certificates being handed out that many believe are registration papers proving a dog is a purebred of the breed. Be aware of certificates stating, “To the best of our knowledge”, or “member in good standing” of said registry.

For the Blue Lacy breed, the Lacy Game Dog Association and Registry is the “Original “ and Official Closed stud file registry for the Breed. A closed stud book is a stud book or breed registry that does not accept outside blood. The registered animals and all subsequent offspring trace back to the foundation stock. This ensures that the animal is a purebred member of the breed.

All pedigrees issued from the LGDR have embossed seals, and are signed by the registrar under the following statement:

“The Lacy Game Dog Registry hereby certifies that the foregoing is a true copy of the ancestral pedigree of ….”, and the name of the qualifying dog is entered onto this form which becomes part of the official registered ancestry record.

The Lacy Game Dog Registry is the only closed stud file registry from which all Texas Lacy Game Dog pedigrees are generated, without a break in lineage. Purchasing your Lacy Dog from a breeder listed with the LGDR ensures that your pup’s pedigree is authentic. It accurately records the pup’s three-generation ancestry within the registry’s stud files. All pedigrees issued by the LGDR have embossed seals, and are signed by the registrar. This certifies that the document is a true copy of the ancestral pedigree.

The LGDR works in alliance with the Texas Lacy Game Dog Association. All breeders listed on the TLGDA website, will submit all litters for registration to the LGDR. They will have signed breeder ethics codes on file with the TLGDA and the LGDR. Because of this documentation on file, the TLGDA is the only Blue Lacy association the LGDR recognizes and supports.

The Lacy Game Dog Registry will not recommend Blue Lacy Pups not submitted for litter registration. Until litter pictures, parentage and registration forms are received and reviewed by the LGDR, we advise against purchasing stated “pure” Blue Lacy pups without proper paperwork. The pups will not be eligible for registration if LGDR Litter Forms are not submitted. This could affect individuals that plan on breeding their Blue Lacy in the future.

If a breeder does not provide LGDR Puppy Certificates with the purchase of a Blue Lacy puppy, the price should be reduced. Documentation should be provided that you are purchasing a non-registered and/or non-verified progeny. Any documentation promised, other than LGDR certificates, is self-produced by the breeder and not verified with Stud Files of the LGDR.

We hope this information has been helpful in selecting a breeder. Together, we can preserve the heritage and guarantee the future of the Official Texas State Dog, the Blue Lacy.