• Texas Lacy Game Dog Fun Day


    Come Join Us April 27th

    This is a great introduction and training event for cattle herding, blood trailing, raccoon treeing, and hog baying.

    It’s FREE admission to come watch and learn.  If you’d like to include your dog, there’s a $20 fee for TLGDA members and $25 for non-members.

    It’s held in Lampasas, Texas at the Bar 17 Arena.  Sign-in starts at 8am.  

  • NEW Lacy Game Dog Registry Registration Numbers

    Updated LGDR Registration #

    With a new year comes a new/updated Lacy Game Dog Registration Number. The LGDR Registrars have been working to automate as much of the paperwork process as possible. With the prior registration number layout (1334-1004-YY), we were unable to use an automation feature available to us in LGDR Registry Software. Moving to an auto-generated system saves a bit of time for each puppy as well as lowers the chances of entry errors keeping the numbers consistent. The updated numbers are simple. The dog’s birth year will now be listed first then the system continues with the last number of the ‘first’ number in the prior LGDR #. This number is the original number that continues from the start of the database. The updated LGDR numbers will now look like this – 24-1335.  

    Please reach out to us via the contact page if you have any questions.

  • The Science of Deer Blood

    This is a link to a video that LGDR thought was interesting.  The video discusses how deer blood is different from human blood and especially during the rut. Deer blood has a different chemical composition than human blood. It contains a variety of proteins, enzymes, and other molecules including K1 and K2. It has been found that during the rut, deer blood has a higher volume of K1 and K2. This gives it the ability to coagulate faster at this time of year. Check out the link…. The Science of Deer Blood

  • 2024 TLGDA Blood Trailing Seminar

    The TLGDA, in conjunction with the United Blood Trackers (UBT), will be holding a Saturday Blood Training Seminar and Sunday UBT Testing Event designed for beginner and advanced dogs and handlers.

    There will be a wealth of hands-on training in the field for dogs (ALL BREEDS) and handlers.  Sean Timmens, from Wisconsin, will be one of the experienced speakers for the event.  He is an accomplished dog tracker, trainer, and presenter, winning numerous awards in dog trials.

    Check out the event information HERE

  • 5 1/2 Month Old Lacy Pup Water Retrieval

    Check out this video of Tink (Anedrea and Wade Hodges’ pup) retrieving a stick out of a pond from a property in central Texas. She has taken to the water very naturally with no guidance (only encouragement) from us. It is possible that the current record heat here in Texas is helping out a bit as well. 🙂 Think she’s doing pretty well for a 5.5 month old pup.